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Millennials and Baby Boomers

The recent upturn of property selling and buying has been increasing at a tremendous rate, with projection for only increases in 2018. So how does the process work? How do houses continue to come on the market if everyone is wanting to move to the area (Durango in specific)?

The majority of the market changes comes from the Millennial and baby boomer area. Where the Millennials are looking for an ever changing home, and needs that can be met for the short term. A few years down the road, they may decide to expand or move, as their lives continue to change.

This is where the baby boomers come back into play. Most of these home owners are looking to downsize. Their homes have served the purpose of growing families and are now ready for the maintenance free lifestyle. Providing a perfect opportunity for the millennials to jump on there home for sale, and give up their less expensive entry home.

Win win for everyone!

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