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The benefit of the modern realtor

If you believed this post was going to be all about the tips and tricks that I've implemented for my real estate selling.. wrong post. This is directed towards those who believe the "older the better" when choosing an agent, and why that may be in true in some markets, but in the luxury and commercial side that is far from correct.

I've heard it all before "you're so young" and "how are you doing this all". The simple fact of the matter is that "millennials" are technologically advanced further than most people can believe. Being raised in a small town I had plenty of time to learn and dabble within social media. Little did I know the importance of this self taught knowledge was going to play in my career of choice. I learned a lot of marketing techniques on my own, which only finessed through college.

Using modern techniques mixed with the old school style meshed together providing results that came at record breaking statistics.

The impression that millennials don't "work" isn't necessarily incorrect, as the vast majority work remotely or in the social fields that older generations have no idea what were doing. Finding a realtor that works in the person to person connections, as well in the social, is the perfect match. So, wherever you may, seriously consider taking a moment away from the agent that you've used for years and years and speak with a millennial. I believe you will be highly impressed. We can take our tools that older generations outsource and then factor into their commissions, and do it on our own. Saving you time and money.

Side note: Our listing presentations are usually way more intriguing then the boring "old" materials... just an added bonus ;)

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