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Preparing to List for Spring

The season is right around the corner to start preparing for the selling season. Not only is having your home preparing for images for your broker important, but there are some other things to take into account before you get started.

  1. Curb appeal. You have only one chance for a good first impression. Walk outside your home and try to look at it through a buyer's lens. Can you make small improvements? Added flower pots? Painting a chipped mailbox?

  2. Take care of any needed repairs. (C'mon you know what they are). ​

  3. What you love is not what your buyer loves. These potential buyers are trying to envision themselves in your home, so that 20 piece family photo shrine has got to go - and take with it the red walls and themed decor.

  4. ​A clean, well-maintained house has the potential to gain you more profit.

  5. Price your home right. If you overprice your home then the right buyer will never see it. It won't even come up in their search results. And even worse, a listing that stagnates on the market leads buyers to question - "What's wrong with it?"


  • 1 month before you'd like to list your home: start realtor interviews. Make sure the realtor you choose comes with a brilliant marketing plan - that's how your home get's sold.

  • 2 weeks before listing: you've selected a top realtor, now start getting your home prepared for sale with the tips I've laid out above.

  • 1 week before listing: home photography - ideally your realtor will arrange to have the property professionally photographed.

  • Day of listing (and until you enter escrow with an accepted offer): Keep your home maintained. Sellers usually hate last minute showings, but please be as flexible as you can. If you don't allow the buyer to see the home when it's convenient for them, they may pass on seeing your home altogether.

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