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  • Ashley Blackmore BHHS Western Colorado Properties

Not here to be medicore

Realtors.. we are a dreaded name to some, a saving grace to others, but how in the world can we be so many different things on two polar opposite sides of the spectrum?

The answer- an abundance of realtors who are doing real estate because they "have to" vs realtors in the industry because they "love it". Now, everyone is going to get hostile and say " how can she say that of course I love my job" and I am going to argue back from experience that this simply is not the case.

When I got into the industry it was because I had a similar poor experience that many consumers may have had. The agent took horrible pictures and low balled me a price for what our property was worth. I was very disappointed in the overall service and we ended up terminating our agreement. At that time all I could think was " I would rather have this house forever than deal with that again!". That's when I got my license. Coming from a background of marketing and website development I saw an opportunity that not any other agents were doing, simply because I don't think they were very tech savvy. I also REALLY enjoyed going out to the houses and creating those relationships, but building the house was what I really enjoyed. That's what determines the difference right there about a buyers agent vs a sellers agent. Agents that say they are great at both- just want to make money.

There is a niche to every business and I think when agents cross into both fields without creating the expectations is when things such as the reputations we sometimes have come from.

We are more than realtors- those of us that truly enjoy what we are doing would love to be more than just "realtors". Most people only use their one attorney, financial planner, tax preparer, etc. But most use different realtors for different transactions. Creating long term relationships with who you trust for real estate is just as important as the other fields. We can watch the market and notify you when we think it's a good time to make the next move, and give you value before you go through a big remodel in a place you may not want to stay forever. We can help build your forever plan and indentify not only your "right now" goals but your "forever goals". Create your lifelong friend in a realtor.... those of us who love it are not here to be medicore. We want to be here forever.

- Ashley

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