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  • Ashley Blackmore- Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

So much more than a brand

A few weeks ago I attended "Summit" in Key Biscayne Florida. This is a prestigious event that only the best of the network get to attend. This year, I believe there was 600 or so people. There is a saying that if you put a broke person in a room of millionaires, they'll eventually become a millionaire, and that feeling was transmitted throughout the entire hotel.

But, it is so much more than a brand. Through my transition to Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices I have made friends across this country, and have had my life forever enriched. I have been able to represent Southwest Colorado and pitch my beautiful listings across this country, and found my clients agents to where they were moving. I put my friends and my family in the hands of agents that I have physically met and learned to care deeply for, and their level of service has matched my expectations.

I've also been able to sit in front of those agents on a luxury panel and discuss my strategies that have worked to maximize my production and my luxury listings. But, sitting in front of that room, I thought I would have been SOOO nervous. I thought, I would have nightmares the night before and be terrified, and guess what? I wasn't. Because I was sitting in a room full of winners, supporters, and friends. I have never felt so welcomed, especially the center of attention.

We ended our final night dancing, and celebrating. Right next to our CEOS and brand leaders, just like we were all friends.

This is why I love Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, and this is why it will continue to be a "Forever Brand".

We also had our last REthink member meeting for this year. I have LEARNED so much this last year from these fellow agents that were the backbone of helping me get my business to the next level. I will forever hold this year in my heart and the knowledge I have gained. It has been so much, I had to take small bites out of the pie. When it all comes together I will be so proud of myself.

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