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  • Ashley Blackmroe

Should you take your home off the market for winter!?

The holidays are here! We are hustling and bustling with getting all of our family gatherings, parties, snow removal, and winter wonderland prep under way.

It is not a common response when listings a home for my clients in the late- fall that they "want to take their home off the market during winter" So, here is my honest opinion backed by facts.

- Google trends show a lowering level of national home searching in November and December with a drastic increase in January months that maintains that same level for most of the year. This is based off a 5 year reporting cycle.

- There is less supply of home sellers due to their misconception of selling during the winter, therefore a buyer will find your property instead of the ones that aren't listed.

- Lots of property comes on the market in January leading to more competition.

- Just this weekend, I got 2 properties under contract! The week before Christmas!

Finding a well rounded realtor can help you determine if listing your specific home would be a smart move this winter. Let me help you find one!

Ashley Blackmore

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