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Not only is the temp heating up in SW Colorado

The record breaking temperatures have hit the SW Colorado regions, but that isn't the only thing heating up in the area. The real estate market has increased significantly over the last week and my anticipations will be that it continues.

With over 12 showings last week and an additional 4 showings this week with 3 of them being over $1,000,000.00 is proof that the luxury market is rebounding at a healthy rate from the initial projections of a downtown earlier in the year.

Who wouldn't want to take on the great outdoors here!? Cooling off is a breeze in Durango with our beautiful Animas River flowing through, and the gorgeous mountain breezes in the high country.

Travel smart. Just because the weather seems hot and friendly, higher elevations can quickly become fierce climates. If you are going hiking, make sure you are ready and prepared for a multitude of different scenarios and always make sure you hike early to get home before afternoon showers hit.

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