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Purchasing a Home in 2023

From soaring interest rates to a lack of inventory the housing market has been just as volatile as the elections, the stock market, and the weather. But that doesn't mean you have to be in fear of purchasing a home.

Owning a home vs renting has many benefits, and allows you to put your money into something that is equitable. Regardless of interest rates owning a home is one of the most financially secure investments you can make.

I am not one to focus on "date the rate, marry the home" because if the economic situations surrounding your employment change, that can lead to substantial issues with making your payments and also refinancing in the future.

Purchasing a home that is within your monthly budget, including the interest, is the best option in my opinion to buy. home in 2023. You may not end up with your dream home, but you can turn the home that you end up in, into a rental, or sell it in the future.

Curious about buying a home in 2023? Download my complimentary buyers guide prior to scheduling your appointment!


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