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The Imbalance in Real Estate Franchise Brokerages: A Cry for Support and Fairness

The real estate industry is a highly competitive field where independent realtors strive to thrive and succeed. However, many real estate franchise brokerages, with their sheer size and national reach, have been accused of capitalizing on their agents' efforts without providing them sufficient value. In this article, we will delve into the concerns of independent realtors who feel unsupported and discuss the importance of brokerages offering vital resources such as marketing training, lead generation, and complimentary coaching free of charge.

The Profit-Led Approach:

Real estate franchise brokerages are business entities, and their primary objective is to generate profit. Unfortunately, this single-minded focus on financial gain often leaves independent realtors, who are the backbone of any brokerage, feeling neglected and undervalued. With a vast network of agents across the country, these brokerages can sometimes neglect the individual needs and success of their agents.

Lack of Value Provision:

Many independent realtors choose to align themselves with franchise brokerages hoping for a support system that will enable their growth and development. However, the reality can often be far from those expectations. The lack of value provision encompasses various factors that affect agents, such as limited marketing training, inadequate lead generation opportunities, and insufficient complimentary coaching.

Marketing Training:

One of the key areas where franchise brokerages should be providing value is in marketing training. In the digital age, effective marketing strategies are crucial to success in the real estate industry. However, independent realtors often find themselves left to figure out marketing techniques on their own. By offering comprehensive marketing training programs, brokerages can empower their agents to reach their full potential and increase their chances of success.

Lead Generation:

Lead generation is the lifeblood of any realtor's business. It is essential for brokerages to invest in robust lead generation tools and systems to help their agents thrive. Unfortunately, some franchises fall short in this area, leaving agents to fend for themselves and potentially losing out on valuable business opportunities. By prioritizing lead generation support, brokerages can significantly enhance their agents' chances of success.

Complimentary Coaching:

Coaching plays a crucial role in any realtor's professional growth. It provides invaluable mentorship, guidance, and accountability to help agents navigate the intricacies of the real estate industry. Unfortunately, some franchise brokerages fail to offer complimentary coaching or limit it to new agents only, compromising the long-term success of experienced realtors. By providing ongoing complimentary coaching to all agents, brokerages can foster a culture of growth and excellence.

The Need for Change:

It is evident that real estate franchise brokerages need to prioritize the support and value they offer to their agents. By acknowledging that success is a shared responsibility, brokerages can create a more equitable environment where independent realtors feel empowered and valued for their contributions. Offering marketing training, lead generation systems, and complimentary coaching as a bare minimum can be transformative for agents, ensuring they have the tools to thrive within the industry.


Real estate franchise brokerages wield considerable influence and resources in the industry. They have a responsibility to provide their agents with the necessary support to succeed. By delivering comprehensive marketing training, robust lead generation systems, and ongoing complimentary coaching, brokerages can ensure that independent realtors never feel compelled to seek additional support outside of their organization. Let us strive for a real estate industry that values the success and growth of its agents, recognizing that their achievements are the foundation of a thriving brokerage.

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