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We purchased our first ARBNB

Holy cow! What a wild ride we have been on this last six months. From purchasing our commercial building to now purchasing our first rental we have been going 100 mph and full speed.

I was laying in bed when my husband and I decided to purchase our cute home in Farmington NM and said "I wonder if anyone is wanting to actually visit our house" We prelim posted the house as a research project on AIRBNB with limited photos and instantly got booked. We had no idea what to do because we had zero furniture and no direction. But, we read that deleting your reservations can also pose a lengthy negatives on your statuses so away to Amazon we went.

It was extremely overwhelming choosing furniture site unseen because Farmington is not a large city, so our furniture options were very limited but these are the products that after 6 guest check in and outs so far that we absolutely love and would order again and again.

This couch paired perfectly with the green chairs attached. Both were super simple to build and really blended with our southwest boho theme.

We then added this funky fun rug with coffee table to tie it all together.

It made the space a 10/10 and this entire living room has been wearing exceptionally well for under $1,000.00 you can see the finished product through AIRBNB here

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