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The Importance on interviewing multiple agents....

February 23, 2019

I was just like you when my husband and I were getting ready to list our first home, before I had my real estate license. We had absolutely no idea where to start, so we just started calling agents. We listed with a family friend of a friend, and well let's just say it didn't go as planned. 


This was way before I was a realtor, and man was I disappointed. Now, after being in real estate I can honestly say PLEASE interview multiple agents. Do not just go with "the first one that picks up" or the a friend of a friend. You are putting someone in charge of your future and your financial goals. 


You need a marketing expert with our location in Durango. This is extremely vital if your property is over $400,000.00 as it can take longer to move the more expensive properties in the area.


You'll need someone who can actively communicate with you about the status of your home and the selling process.


Most importantly you need a team player and someone you feel comfortable with to discuss harder things such as satisfaction or if expectations aren't being met. That is much more difficult to do with someone you've known for 15 years. 


That being said, please interview more than one person, and go with the person you'll want on your team to champion for you.


-Ashley Blackmore

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